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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you source the plants from?

2. Do you import plants?

3. Are the plants organic?

4. Are the plants tissue cultured?

5. Are the products made in America?

6. What Cactuses do you have?

7. Can I make a request?

    01. Where do you source the plants from?

    • We personally select each plant from reliable American based growers and from private collections.

    02. Do you import plants?

    • No, we do not import any plants from overseas.

    03. Are the plants organic?

    • Not that we are aware of however we utilize a special soil mixture of OMRI certified organic ingredients to cleanse the plant of any past artificial or pesticidal residues built up within the aerial plant and root structures.

    04. Are the plants tissue cultured?

    • Yes some species are tissue cultures, however the majority of our plants are not. We personally propagate plants to continue the genetics of certain plant species outside of the method of tissue culturing techniques.

    05. Are the products made in America?

    • Yes, all our brands and products are curated from American women owned/led entrepreneurs, artists and specialty craft businesses that practice sustainable methods and or or at best are socially good for the environment.

    06. Do you offer discounts?

    • We do have a rewards system being built for launch within our website here that earns points each time for purchasing from the Green Aura Online Emporium shop. Points earned may then be applied in different amounts for discounts off all emporium shop items during checkout of future purchases.

    07. Can I make a request?

    • Yes absolutely, we are pretty good at sourcing customers wishlist plants.

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    Welcome to the Green Aura, a place to safely shop for common and exotic plants, succulents, gifts and floral arrangement works of art.

    We also provide professional plant, succulent, floral business and special event catering services, to provide you with an everlasting lifetime experience of a whole new dimension of beautiful.

    Founder & Business Owner, Chloe Mae Kendall