xcv Hi, Im Chloe Kendall Founder of Green Aura I began the Green Aura as a business in November 2019 after being a stay at home Mother for six years. I decided on the concept and business model one evening while drinking tea. Looking around my home full of plants brought forth my attention to the importance of being connected to nature and happiness. With this along side the monochromatic flow of my home I love so dearly, I decided to combine both plants and monochromatic product design within the Green Aura shop, products, plants, floral and brand that is now ta beautiful reality. Visit us in our store location or shop here online! Follow us
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Welcome to the Green Aura, a place to safely shop for common and exotic plants, succulents, gifts and floral arrangement works of art.

We also provide professional plant, succulent, floral business and special event catering services, to provide you with an everlasting lifetime experience of a whole new dimension of beautiful.

Founder & Business Owner, Chloe Mae Kendall