Bring Your Home Inside To Life! – Styling Tips for Indoor Plants

Styling Tips for Indoor Plants 

Houseplants should be in every home and they will never go out of style. Indoor plants can be placed in a variety of ways within the home that can only truly be determined by yourself and what works for you. When considering how and where you wish to place a plant, here are a few things to consider: 

  1. How easy will it be to water at that position? 
  2. Is it receiving what it needs for itself in regards to light and humidity? 
  3. If the survival of the plant is questionable, think elsewhere. 

Other than that, it’s time to have fun styling!

Fill empty corners with larger plants or try arranging a few different plants with various height to have more depth. This is a great solution for those hard to style areas that normally would go bare. Take for another example how each corner of a room has two walls, a good recommendation would be a Monstera-Deliciosa as the typical 90 degree corner can provide support for the stalks. 

Do you have a built in bookshelf? Put some plants on it. Table tops and mantels are also a great option to add that small 4″ pot of a plant to add more green energy into the space without being overwhelming. Having small pops of greenery throughout the home can amplify and make a huge difference for esthetics.

Remember to enjoy this hobby adventure of home styling with plant life and no matter what other opinions on style choices may be, finding the best satisfaction comes from the knowledge that you are happy with it exactly as it is.


If you are limited on space, hang your plants from the ceiling, window frames, or throughout a hallway via plant hanger wall brackets. This is my first go to choice with a fern or a vine like plant like a Pothos as it provides the best solution for their growing needs while also it adds that impactful design element by drawing your eyes upward.

There cannot fully be talk about styling plants within our home without mentioning pots. There are a variety of styling methods in home decor to choice from, pots can be reflective of whatever you choose to fit for the vibe in of the room(s) in question. Get creative and DIY pots to fit into your own style very easily! Unionization with pots to get a more cohesive look can be very fun and eclectic to have multiple colors and styles.

The final point of styling indoor plants would be to have fun and remove pressures to have it look like an HGTV or Instagram post. Plants are not perfect all the time, they may have damaged leaves, maybe temperamental at times or is homed in a cracked pot but still clinging on in style. Whatever the case may be, remember to enjoy this hobby and no matter what other opinions on style choices may be, finding the best satisfaction comes from the knowledge that you are happy with it exactly as it is.

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